Hiring A Qualified Homework Tutor At An Affordable Price

If you are looking for a tutor who is both qualified and affordable, you may need to look a little harder than most. It is hard to guarantee that someone is fully qualified especially if their rate is low. The rate someone charges is usually an indicator of how they value their own services so beware of the ultra cheap tutoring options because they may not be helpful at all and end up being a waste of time and money.

Trial Period

One thing you can do to avoid an unqualified tutor is to instate a trial period where they will help you for ‘X’ amount of sessions before you agree to a full schedule of continued tutoring. Sometimes you will only need just one session to find out that they are not qualified enough to help you. If you haven’t made a contract, you are free to test the waters and try a few tutors before you decide on the perfect one.


If you happen to find a tutor who is above your price range, try to bargain with them. Tutoring prices are not set, and it is based on a lot of factors. Maybe their price is high to cover distance and travel costs so you could offer to meet them close to where they live.

If they have a package deal of a certain amount of hours per week or days per week, you can try to cut that down and simply maximize the time you have once per week or every other week. Often, tutors will be willing to work with you and find a price that is acceptable for both of you.

Students & Grad Students

Some of the best value and most helpful homework tutoring you will be able to find is through a university or college. Whether it is your school or not, they will most likely be able to get you in touch with students who are high up in the classes and who need extra money. Although they may not be experienced tutors, they will be fresh in the subject and the schools usually require that they have a certain grade or above to be a tutor so you can guarantee that they are qualified.

The best tutors are usually not the cheapest but with these tips you may be able to find a homework tutor that fits your budget and academic needs.