Pros And Cons Of Having No Homework: An Overview

All students dream of having no homework. It would be great to have some time to spend on hobbies, hanging out with friends or other pleasing activities. However, it’s impossible to have no assignments at all. There are several reasons why they exist, and they will be listed below. Of course, there are quite reliable arguments against the existence of homework assignment, and they require attention, too. Let’s take a look at them in a short overview.

Pros of having assignments involve:

  • Better interactions between teachers and students. This communication is very important for students, as soon as they learn how to discuss diverse questions and discover the truth.

  • Better understanding and remembering of the information due to repetition after the classes. Combining the information that they have received in class and read in their assignment books, students compose a more detailed picture of the material.

  • Assignments teach children how to be responsible. Having a task that should be done without delays and in return for high grades and other awards teaches students how to work devotedly.

  • An assignment is a part of discipline for a child since the first school years. Doing home tasks every day is an inevitable part of the routine that helps with day planning.

  • Studying in general, no matter whether it takes place in class or at home, causes the development of mental abilities and the brain upon the whole.
    • As you can see from this overview, assignments are mostly positive and useful for children, for the development of their personality, intelligence, devotion, and working skills. In most cases, the positive effect of studying surpasses its negative impact. Still, cons should also be taken into consideration. They involve:

      • Lack of free time. Students of all ages often lack their free time due to the assignments that eat away a lot of their free time that they could have spent doing their hobbies, sports, etc.

      • Conflicts between children and parents. Quite often, it happens that children are punished by their parents for low grades or problems with their assignments.

      • The negative impact of too much information on health. There is an opinion that children study too much nowadays, and this causes a very negative impact on their health.

      • Lack of socialization. During their school years, children need to communicate with their peers a lot in order to socialize in a proper way.

      So, judging on the overview of the cons, you can see that they can be easily overcome for the sake of good effective studying.