Effective Hints For Dealing With 4th Grade Spelling Homework

If you have a child who is currently struggling with their elementary school vocabulary and related content, then you should follow these effective hints for dealing with 4th grade spelling homework:

  • Have the child use the word in a sentence describing what is happening around the home or during their day. Being able to see real world application in the world helps to better comprehend the meaning and also helps to reinforce the sounds that are heard in the word. This will help them to really memorize the content.

  • Make flashcards from home. Having flashcards that are homemade is important for two reasons. The first is that it engages the tactile learning and responses from the brain which helps commit the information from short term to long term memory and the second is that having the cards gives the child an opportunity to practice regularly. So much can be done for these cards. Parents can interact with children while they are making the cards, the children can play games with their parents or siblings with the cards, the cards can be reviewed after the test has been taken at the end of the week especially for difficult words so that the information is not lost.

  • Create mnemonic devices for those really tricky words. Sometimes writing them out with a picture next to them, or writing them out in chalk can help.

  • Try and use three to five of the words from a given list in one sentence. The more flexible your child is with integrating many words, the better off they will be in truly comprehending the meaning and the spelling.

  • Divide up the long list of words into equal parts that they can go over each day. For example: if you child has 16 words they need to know by Friday, then go over 4 per day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They can go over all 4 each day, and when they review, include the words from the previous day. So Tuesday they will learn 4 new words and review 4 old words, Wednesday they will learn 4 new words and review 8 words, and Thursday they will learn 4 new words and review the previous 12. By Friday the words will have been pulled from their long term memory regularly, so as to make test taking simpler.