Why Does Homework Cause Unnecessary Stress For Students?

Over the years, academic progress of students has been hinged on the way they partake on extra learning activities such as homework and terms papers. Consequently, the pressure which teachers have always imposed on students to perform well on take away assignments and assessments has however not augured well with many learners who argue that their educators are giving them too much school work beyond their handling capabilities. This in part has been the major cause of stress related to assignments. Well, across the world and in almost all institutions, students hate and like in equal measure class assignments. However, as studies have indicated in recent past, school assignments especially those which are required to be submitted within stringent time schedules or deadlines have been leading causes of anxiety and stress among students. On this premise, one can imagine how many students would grow wings if class assignments were abolished completely.

The big question is; why is homework such a big fuss among students despite the fact that in many cases it has helped many students iron out their weak areas. In fact, weak students have had a glimpse of hope in advancing their academic achievements through homework and so, one wonders why abolishing the same has always elicited bigger debate as compared to the case of reinforcing it even deeper into academic systems. From kindergarten, through middle school, high school to higher learning institutions there are many reasons to justify the claim that assignments have been a cause for stress. This is what this post devolves into hereafter.

Students view homework as punishment

This is a leading reason why assignments have always caused a big fuss among students. The reasoning which many have always given to justify this that teachers give assignments so that they can subject students who fail to get them right to sort of academic punishment.

A lot of work is a recipe for stress

Even school work should be given in moderation and so when students are given some takeaway class work to go and do at home over the weekend, stress levels rise up. As some studies have suggested, this has always had negative impacts on the performance levels of a student.

Weekend is a time to relax

The thought of spending the whole weekend studying at home has seen stress set in and so, many argue homework should be abolished.