How To Cope With A Crazy Homework Overload In College: Useful Advice

The start of college is often an incredibly difficult time for students. Not only have money just left home, left their families, and left friends, but they are also in a totally new place with different expectations and a very different homework workload. Learning how to code with the overload of assignments in college can be the difference between success and failure for many students.

Follow this useful advice to learn how to cope with the crazy homework overload in college:

  • Use a planner
  • The key to mastering the workload of college is effective time management. It is unlikely that your professors would actually give you more work then you were capable of completing. That said, in order to get it all done, and do a good job on it, you must learn how to effectively manage your time. Hands down one of the best ways to do this is to use a planner. This can either be a physical book that you write down assignments and they’re due dates in, as well as how you will schedule your time each day. Or, many students today prefer to use an online planner or an app in order to schedule their time. Either can be effective it is just about finding which is the best fit for you. The best way to use the planner is to be as detailed as possible. Try breaking your day down into sections and then assign each task that you must finish to one of those sections. For instance, you could schedule your calculus homework for before dinner and your English literature essay for after dinner.

  • Set goals and stick to them
  • In order for this time management strategy to work you will need to set goals and then stick to them. For instant with the example above, if you have scheduled your calculus homework for before dinner and a friend asks you if you want to go play Frisbee before dinner, you will need to decide whether you can do both, and you will need to prioritize your assignments in order to get everything done.

  • Ask for help
  • If you do find that you were falling behind with your workload in college don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can either do this by going to your professors, by going to your academic advisor, by going to the dean of students, or by going to student resource center.