Pros And Cons Of Doing Homework While Listening To Music

So you’re doing homework, and it is dragging on and becoming a real bore. But hey, you can always make things more interesting by listening to some music when you’re doing it. It will definitely make doing work more fun and may even help you to finish it more quickly…or maybe not.


  • It can help you remember what you’re doing - It is a well-known fact that listening to songs while doing homework or studying can help you remember certain concepts. This is because you now associate what you are doing with a certain song so when it is time to use the knowledge, you simply have to remember what song you were listening to, to remember what you learned.

  • It can change your temperament - If you’re doing some really long, dull assignments, songs can help to uplift your spirit and just make you feel a lot more positive. Especially, when you are listening to songs that you love, you tend to do your work a lot better and maybe even more efficiently under circumstances such as this. This, in turn, can help you finish your work faster.


  • Music can be a huge distraction - It is a lot harder to concentrate on what you are doing when you have blaring songs in your ears. It will make you become unfocused, and you’ll pay more attention to the tunes than to the assignment. You are essentially giving your brain more work by making it try to focus on too many things at once.

  • May not bode well for literary assignments - Because your focus is more on the lyrics than the assignment, some people find themselves unable to do simple tasks. For instance, some persons do well with listening to songs when dealing with calculations because of the formulas that are always the same. However, when it comes to artistic subjects like writing, it may be hard to get creative juices flowing when you are listening to music.

Even though listening to songs while doing homework can be a bad thing for some people, for others it is lifesaver that they can’t imagine working without the aid of. In the end, you have to do what’s right for you. A good recommendation is to try to listen to classical compositions while studying, shown to be the most effective type. Good Luck!