How To Cope With Too Much Homework: Expert Advice

Handling too much homework in a limited time is characteristic for procrastinators who prefer to find different businesses instead of getting down to their assignments. However, the need to deal with too many tasks can happen even to devoted students who never think of skipping their homework. So, in such a situation, only expert advice can be helpful.

  1. Separate tasks.
  2. To begin with, you need to determine the importance, urgency, and difficulty of each assignment. Some of them, the ones that don’t have to be submitted tomorrow at school, can be put aside. Get down to the tasks that need an urgent solution and the ones that require a lot of time.

  3. Calm down.
  4. Quite often, students feel totally frustrated due to the thought that they have too little time and too much to do. You should not feel desperate because being puzzled and irritated will no way help you handle everything properly. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything will be fine.

  5. Organize your working place.
  6. Choose a place where you will not be distracted. Take everything that you may need (paper, necessary stationery, calculator, reference books, your own notes, etc.) but put aside everything that can distract you: phones, TV, radio, websites that you don’t need at the moment. You should clearly realize that everything that distracts you eats away your own time that you lack so much.

  7. Choose where to start.
  8. Some students prefer starting with the most complicated tasks while they are still full of energy and have enough time. Others find motivation in successful handling of less complicated stuff before getting down to the toughest tasks. Choose your own way in accordance to your preferences.

  9. Save your time and don’t procrastinate.
  10. Remember that postponing is never good. The later you begin, the less time you will have for resting. Start as soon as you can after classes. If you travel home by some public transport, start reading on the bus. If you walk home, use the time to have some emotional and physical rest. Some students prefer starting studying at home right after classes while their mind is tuned in the right way. Others need some time to unwind and get the inspiration. Whatever you choose, make sure that the relaxation does not turn into lasting laziness.

  11. Have breaks, no matter how you lack time.
  12. Your brain needs them for the sake of better productivity.